The sex is so bad but I just don’t know how to approach

I thought that Phil and I would end up having a great sexual relationship. After all, he was one of the sexiest guys that I had met at Charlotte Colchester escorts. However, a couple after I had left Charlotte Colchester escorts of to move in with him, I realised that it would not work out. He had no sex drive at all and all he did was to talk about sex. Sure, it turned me on but I wanted to have fun at night as well as during the day time.


Having fun during the day was something that I had become pretty good at since I left Charlotte Colchester escorts to live with Phil. I have always loved shopping and used to spend all of my tips from Charlotte Colchester escorts buying new clothes every week. But, when I moved in with Phil, I only had the rental income from my flat to live on. But, Phil soon arranged for me to have a credit card. Before I knew it, I was out there shopping until I dropped.


Unfortunately, things were not going to well for me and Phil. I started to regret that I had left Charlotte Colchester escorts to be with Phil. Sure, he was a lovely guy, but we did not really click. It was odd. While I had still been working for Charlotte Colchester escorts, Phil and I had got on like a house on fire. Now Phil seemed to have gone off me, and in private, I became pretty convinced that he was dated other Charlotte Colchester escorts. Maybe he was one of these guys who had a thing or a fetish about dating escorts in London.


Anyway, I decided to make the most out of the situation, and started to max out my credit card by buying designer clothes on a regular basis. Phil did not seem to mind. I had this sneaky suspicion that he was up to something. Anyway, when he was at work, I would hook up with my friends from Charlotte Colchester escorts and go shopping. I had a great time, and before I knew it, I had rather an “interesting” wardrobe as one of my former friends from Charlotte Colchester escorts called it. I certainly did have an interesting wardrobe and a very expensive one.


There was a reason behind my madness. There was no way that our marriage was going to last, and the clothes were my insurance policy. When we finally broke up, and I went back to work for Charlotte Colchester escorts, I took great delight in selling the clothes. Yes, I did get a settlement but I made a lot of money selling the clothes that I had bought during my marriage to Phil. I guess you may think that I am crazy, but there are times when we all have to use our street smarts. Turning rags to cash is just one way of doing so.


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