The famous services of East London escorts

East London escorts never use to be very famous for their quality of service, but things are certainly changing. Property prices have gone up a lot in the East End of London, leading to many more East London escorts services opening their doors.

Recently, many of the established East End London agencies like have also had to look long and hard at the services they provide, and many have upgraded their services and what is on offer. East London escorts never use to be cheap, but it seems that expectations were different from other parts of London, and things just had to change.

The community of East London has changed a lot as well. You will now find luxury apartments that are home to millionaire business people and stockbrokers where you used to find dockers living. Many out of London celebs such as movie stars have also made London their family and are now living in luxury where there were used to be tenements.

The East End will more than likely continue to change, and so will the East London agencies. Many owners of East London escorts agencies recognize that more changes will need to be made, and they are investing in their businesses.


Some of the East London escorts apartments never used to live up to the date’s expectations, which is one factor that is changing. New flats have been acquired in some of the better apartment blocks, and the girls who work here are now proud when their dates visit them for incalls.

It is not very nice being ashamed of your apartment, and it can put a damper on what happens when a date visits. Problems with plumbing and heating were frequent, but a lot of that has already changed. Dates can now see their favorite East End escorts in more comfortable surroundings.

Style of service

The style of East End escorts service has changed as well. Many of the girls who work in the East End now are talented girls from abroad. Traditionally it was mainly many local girls who worked here, but foreign girls have a higher standard of service and experience. It has lifted the escorts services available in the entire area, and many agency owners have seen an increase in profits.

Profits have to lead to better investment in the future, clothes, and even more talented escorts and sexy companions. Some agency owners have even hired professional madams to look after their businesses, which has also lifted the entire image of the East End escorts service.

Professional madams have not only trained the girls, but they have trained front desk staff as well. It means that the telephone is being answered better, and customer service and satisfaction have gone up 100%.

The East End escorts business is undoubtedly on the up and up, and we are likely to see further improvements in the next couple of years. Indeed, the East End escorts service we see today is different from the one we experienced in the past.

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