Essex escorts full working capacity

Essex escorts used to complain that they did not apply to get a lot of dates, but that has undoubtedly changed. Judging by the diary on the desk of leading Essex escorts agencies Bunnie Girls and those from, they are now working full capacity. As a matter of fact. Bunnie Girls could do with some more Essex escorts like, but that is easier said than done.

Madame Eva, who runs Bunnie Girls, says that only the most elite Essex escorts can join the agency. She says that many independent Essex escorts apply to the agency, but they are not up to scratch.

So, what does it take to join Bunnie Girls?

Qualities required

Madame Eva says that she takes a professional approach to the escorts business, and she only employs girls who are nice looking and discreet. She says that the agency’s regulars are sophisticated local gentlemen and most of them only expect the best. According to Madame Eva, it is essential to have girls who suit the local requirements, and some incoming girls do not.

The criteria are also to be well-spoken and smartly dressed. It says that girls are often required to attend dinner dates and parties and must be able to fit in seamlessly. If the ladies can’t do that, they are not suitable for this agency.

On top of that, she is not looking for silly young girls, she says. She prefers experienced escorts who have had a few years in the business, and know how to look after the discerning Essex gentlemen. Madame Eva is not all about sexiness and long nails; sometimes, it is more about style and composure, which many younger girls lack.

To apply to the agency, you need to fill in a form and sit a proper job interview. You need to be able to answer questions about many different things, such as techniques. Madame Eva says that it is vital that the girls know what they are talking about and how to handle a gent in all situations.

If the girls pass the interview, they can go on a couple of trial dates. Madame Eva reviews all ages carefully and makes sure she speaks to the gents afterward. If they are happy with everything, she will let the girls join on a temporary contract. After a probationary six months, the girls can consider themselves members of Bunnie Girls but not before that.

Madame Eva says that she looks after her girls very well and gets a lot of respect from them. They are part of her extended family, and exceptionally so often they plan in little treats for themselves.

She says that many of the girls who work for the agency do a fantastic job and are always busy with regular dates. Regular dates are essential to all agencies and show that the agency is giving an excellent service. Escorts agencies always rely on good service and sexy escorts, finish Madame Eva.

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