An immense love as the universe

One of the most beautiful things in life is to have someone by your side. Someone that will take care of you and love you. Someone that is willing to take risks just for you. Someone that will never doubt his/her love for you. Love makes people happy; it can make you feel alive and healthy. People who are in love is braver to face problems in life. Through love, everything seems right. The love we have can find our source of happiness; we are happier it’s a joy to find someone that is loyal and honest with you. We know that love, and a constant joy is good for us but always be careful, you should know when to let go or still hold on. There are times in our life that we need to decide even its painful. Even though it pains you, it will not last forever. Everything has an end, and if the relationship is not making you happy now, and you have to let go. You have to free both of yourselves. There is no reason for staying if you know that it is becoming toxic. According to Chingford escorts of


I once love a person. I treated him like my world, my kind, and my everything. My love for him is as immense as the universe. I can’t see myself live without him. His presence made my day. He always makes me smile and help me with my troubles. I met Jacob in school; we were high school back then. He is one of the campus crush, tall, dark and handsome. I thought that he was a playboy, because of his appearance. He first shows affection, but I did not mind it since everyone is chasing after him. I am afraid to get hurt and too attached by anyone. He pursues me for many years; he never stops courting even I push him away. Years passed when we were in college; I keep looking on him because he has not shown up in school for a week, no texts and no calls. I am worried about him, and that’s when I realized maybe I am falling in love with him. I did confess my feelings to him; we become a couple. We were the happiest people at that time. We last for six years; I let go of him even I am dying inside. He becomes so violent, jealous and keeps hurting me for no reason. He did it almost every day and made his daily routine. Our break up was not easy, I go through depression and anxiety, but I control myself. I go to London to rest, and maybe to look for work at Chingford. I heard about a Chingford Escorts and became interested. I apply myself to it and get hired. My job helped me to overcome my past, It’s an excellent choice that I decided to leave an abusive boyfriend and become a Chingford Escorts


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